Hi, I’m Devin. I’m a designer currently leading the product and marketing design teams at CityBase.

Government Interactions Redefined


  • Product Design
  • Design Systems
  • Brand Development

I have spent the last 5 years leading a design team at CityBase. I’ve built and maintained products that help constituents and governments interact more easily with each other as well as refresh and maintain the CityBase brand.

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CityBase User Interfaces

Helping People Find Fun Things To Do


  • Product Design
  • Campaign Design

I spent 4 years at Groupon on both the visual and product design teams. I designed unique campaigns while on the visual design team and helped build features to help customers find things to do while on the product design team.

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Groupon User Interface

Imagining a Marketplace

Midwest Health

  • Product Design
  • Brand Design

I was approached to build a healthcare marketplace to help sell a project to a group of investors and stakeholders.

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Midwest Health User Interface

Everyone Needs a Good Brand

Various Brand Work

Brand Design

Over the years I’ve created many logos and help build many brands. I’ve collected some of the best and most impactful here.

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Various Logos

If you like what you see let’s work together.