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Over the years I’ve helped many companies build their brands. Sometimes it was just a simple logo while other times it was building an entire brand system.


The Brand: While working for a small ad agency we were approached by a company called EZLinks. They were at the time one of the two big players in online golf tee time bookings. Their product was stale and losing to their biggest rival at the time, GolfNow.

They were looking for something different. They wanted a complete refresh, which included things like their brand, advertising, website, and emails. When we did our market research we found that brands in the golf world at that time used almost exclusively green and blue, focused heavily on standard imagery of golf, and used golf iconography in a very predictable way.

We decided that on top of having a refreshed any better brand and online experience than GolfNow we wanted to also make them stand out in the market. We did that through the use of colors not normally associated with golf, black and white photography, and a unique mark.

TeeOff Logo
TeeOff Design

We used a palette of oranges and yellows combined with black and white photography. This was mainly meant to play against all the traditional golf companies of the time so TeeOff could stand out. The logo mark was meant to convey golf and the digital space with the user of a golf tee combined with a semicircle to create a power symbol.

The User Experience: We weren’t tasked with giving TeeOff a completely new website from scratch as we weren’t a traditional user experience agency. Instead we handed over a few screens and emails to help direct the team building the site. At the time golf tee time booking sites were pretty plain. Our goal was to give them a modern look that conveyed a sense of trust with their users.

Booking tee times online wasn’t exactly new to the scene, but for a lot of golfers it was. Many golfers were still used to the model of calling a pro shop to book a tee time over the phone. Those that still utilized that way of booking a tee time didn’t always trust booking one online. To build trust those users we designed a clean and simple user interface where the user could get to the tee time they wanted as quickly as possible. We also made sure to provide ample communication that their tee time was secure.

TeeOff Home Page

TeeOff Home Page

TeeOff Email

TeeOff Email

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