Various Brands

Over the years I’ve helped many companies build their brands. Sometimes it was just a simple logo while other times it was building an entire brand system.

Consignment Lounge

Consignment Lounge is a unique take on a bar. It’s a bar and and a shop all in one. Everything on the walls and the shelves are available to purchase. When I was approached to work on the logo the challenge was to match the vibe of the bar, which could be described as a fresh take on your parents house from the 70s.

One request that the owner made was in addition to a logo the bar could have a letter-mark or icon of some sort. They wanted something that could represent the bar on a neon sign or a coaster. Something simple that could grow into a shorthand for the full logo. Something that could stand alone.

I took inspiration from the interior of the bar as it came together to create coasters and a menu that fit what the space was becoming. Overall the interior of the bar along with the logo and the its components all came together seamlessly to create a cohesive look that the neighborhood has really embraced.

Consignment Lounge Interior
Consignment Lounge Logo
Consignment Lounge Coasters
Consignment Lounge Wordmark
Consignment Lounge Interior

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