While at CityBase I built two products from the ground up, built a new brand for CityBase and managed all designs that went out into the world.


While at CityBase I spent a part of my time leading our marketing designer and creating a new brand for the company. When I started the brand was outdated. The logo was great and was starting to gain some equity in the market, but the surrounding materials felt outdated.

CityBase Marketing Website

CityBase Marketing Site

I spent about a year rebranding CityBase. One thing I noticed in the market was that other GovTech companies at the time were quite secretive about their products. Very rarely could you actually see any of their interfaces. I decided that CityBase was going to break from that trend. After all, as a company we prided ourselves on our user experience and design, so why not show it off?

Various CityBase Marketing Materials

Various Marketing Materials

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