While at CityBase I built two products from the ground up, built a new brand for CityBase and managed all designs that went out into the world.


Making Our Products for Everyone

Accessibility wasn’t always the first concern at CityBase before I started working there. When I started back in 2018 it wasn’t at the forefront of a lot of our clients’ thinking. In the years since then it’s been specifically written into most of our contracts. As anyone that as done accessibility work knows though, if you haven’t done it at the start of a project it’s a lot harder to add it in afterwards.

Accessibility Illustration

I spent a year auditing all of our products as well as hiring a third party vendor to run a manual audit of our products. I took my findings and the findings of the third party vendor to create dozens of tickets to make our products ADA WCAG compliant. This involved interpreting all of the errors found by the third party audit, inspecting CSS and HTML, interpreting the WCAG guidelines to fix all the issues found. It’s safe to say that in the timespan of that project I became somewhat of a expert on accessibility.

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