While at Groupon I worked on various things, including the Coupons, SEO, Search, and Things to Do products as well as various campaign designs.


Context: The Current Pages Are Boring

Local city pages receive a large share of traffic from people searching for things like “Groupon Chicago.” The pages were just an endless page of deals cards that contain no engaging content. We believed that we could better engage the users visiting those pages and direct their focus to specific interests that will aid conversion.

Old Groupon Local Chicago Webpage

Curent Experience

Objective: Improve SEO Ranking and Drive More Traffic

We can support more than one type of user. Currently these pages just contain deals with no discernible organization. They only support users that stumble upon the page and happen to be browsing for Chicago-centric deals. We can redesign the page so that it supports those users in a better way and also supports a different kinda of user. That second user is someone that might be interested in a deal, but is also interested in content.

New Groupon Local Chicago Webpage

We can support the first user by organizing the deal content in a better way to help our users narrow in on something faster. We can also support that user that is looking for more information before purchasing a deal by surfacing engaging editorial content about the city they are interested in.

We created all sorts of modules to give the page a more dynamic feel. This included tiles directing users to specific category pages, article modules, neighborhood pills, and map sections.

Groupon SEO Page Modules
Groupon SEO Page Modules

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